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Perturbateurs Endocriniens
Aknowledgment to our co-founder Prof. Barbara DEMENEIX

At the beginning of WatchFrog, important work was carried out on the thyroid system by Professor Barbara Demeneix, co-founder of WatchFrog.

To provide tests on an industrial scale, we needed to create an independent, expert company detached from political debates around endocrine disruptors.

In an exemplary way, Barbara knew how to be this inventor who allows a company to develop freely from its intellectual heritage.

Our company is not intended to be a militant entity.

This role is today that of NGOs and scientists like Barbara Demeneix.

It is also to maintain the independence of her scientific opinion that Barbara Demeneix chose to deviate from the operational governance of Laboratoire Watchfrog many years ago.

Thus, our laboratory works with complete freedom, independence and confidentiality at the service of our public or private clients.

Of course, scientific contemplation remains a field of dialogue and exciting debates with Professor Barbara Demeneix.

We therefore thank Barbara for her scientific legacy and for the total separation between her research activities and our service activities.

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